[Oyaluyang: oyalu]
[Very head strong, doesn't like to show weakness, but very protective of his family, especially his twin. He is known for having a weakened heart and immune system, but tries not to let it bother him. Mostly tries to ignore that there is anything wrong with him. Because of the shared body, and what people think is actually going on with them (split personality) he sometimes feels like he might just be a figment of his brothers imagination. His best friend is Milo, and tends be caught kissing him, but both claim not to be in any type of romantic relationship with each other. Oyalu often took the punishment in the foster home over his twin.]

[Oyaluyang: oya]
[Oya is very child like in nature, very forgiving, sweet, a crybaby, and loves anything cute (stuff animals, comics ect) However, he's not all butterflies and kisses, he does have a very jealous side to him, and an extremely odd attachment to his twin which causes him to be temperamental and sometimes violent. He cannot walk, but because of the connection with oyalu, he is able to walk when Oyalu lets him use his legs, and Oya always gives his heart to help his brother's heart work better. He not very smart, and gets scared of failing, which tends to keep him nearly sheltered. The only one to Actually refer to Days as "daddy". he's doesn't understand exactly what went wrong in the foster home.]

[Tenchi was better known for being a guardian over the twins when they were younger. A constant watchful eye over them. Also a vampire prince that gave up his thrown and power to the Demon King's son. Never a smile unless he was caught off guard, a valet warrior. Had one love his entire life, and that love was a creation a mixture of Natures blessing, along with demon and angel DNA.
Currently Tenchi is shy, smart and worried nearly every second about his little brother. Is the only one that tends to sometimes see their spirit around the house when they sleep, but cannot see both of them when they are walking around. (able to see ghost) He tends to fall in love easily or have crushes a lot, but to shy to ever approach. The only one of the three that likes cooking and often makes the food. although he doesn't show it, in the Kumdo he is considered one of the best. Only one that knows what happen to Remmi in that foster home.]

[Remimengi: Remmi]
[The oldest of the three, and often the protector of both his brothers. Makes sure they are in line, and unharmed. Takes care of them. More of an athlete then a student but his grades are in good standing. trouble with the law when he was younger after his parents death, and often took the heat in the foster home. was the one who made money the best he could to pay for his little brothers medication after the death of their parents, also the one who stabbed the foster father to get his brothers out of that home. (( the foster parents are still alive)) Currently been seen hanging out with a girl named Pandora, a famous 5 star restaurants owners daughter. ]

[Days Takamia]
[Adopted the boys when they were found in an abandon church, and Oyaluyang had to go tot he hospital. He fronted the bill up after seeing them struggle, but never told them. ((they found out eventually)) He also found they had talent and became their manager, but always put their school first. Is considered and to this day is their Father. Very kind man from a very rich family, was once engaged, but she died from an injury she got in the Military. She carries her picture with him in his wallet. ]

[Tamagi-zu was elected into the school based on his athletic abilities, However he excels in mathematics. Often seen as the person who picks on Oyaluyang, and gets into fights with him. He can't figure out why he has anger towards him other then he keeps loosing to him in the kumdo torments. His best friend is Reji, who often keeps him level headed.]

[Shaolin was an elite angel, warrior and second only to the Lords. He is son to higher class Angel. As a child he was kind, often naive and taking advice that was given to him without a second thought. Although he seemed to have an awkward love interest to his nephew. As he grew up he was taken to train as an elite guard, although not much is known about why he was chosen to go and what happen to him during that time. He become viciously, and possessive of Oyaluyang. During the time of the great war, he put his desire over everything else, and based his motive on getting Oyaluyang back. {hidden reason for connection to oya} ] [Showa lives with his parents who used to own a small shop in a small village, they moved to the city when showa got accepted based on his academics, he currently helps run the shop in the city with his parents. His best friend is Lui who applied with showa to the same school. He tends to worry about Lui a lot, and is a childhood friend of Tenchi, Remmy and Oyaluyang.]

[Angel form hidden information ] [Jayisong is the child of famous movie stars. {find out more later in the story, I can't post it up without spoiling the comic}]

[warror form hidden information ] [Pandor is the daughter of a famous restaurant owner. She's been seen hanging around with Remmi. ]
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